Caleb has hunted all over the place, including Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Washington, and Oklahoma. He is relentless in making everyones trip all about them. Caleb has a long background in Whitetail, Hogs, Rams, Bison, Elk, Mule Deer, & more...

Joel 'Coach' has been a school teacher for nearly thirty years. He has an undeniable ability to help others achieve their goals. Elk and Deer hunting have been a major part of his life for over forty years. Hard days work never scared this man!

Shaun is our go to man when it comes to top notch Roosevelt Elk Hunting, Black Bear, & Blacktail Bucks. Occasionally Shaun can be found at Four Aces Ranch Head Quarters guiding Bison, Sheep, Hog, Mule Deer, and many other hunts. Shaun has an extensive background in hunting and guiding, oh and he is a stud wrestler. (We are partial to wrestlers around here).