There is something incredibly special about being apart of a youth hunt. The anticipation, heart pounding, nervousness, short of breath, all of these building to the moment when the trigger is pulled and success is found! When they look to Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, or whomever is nuturing the hunter within and their eyes light up like a christmas tree. Everytime we do a youth hunt our love of what we do is reinvigorated. Thank you to all the families who came out for the 2015 Portland SCI Youth Hunt. We truly appreciate y'all allowing us to be apart of your lives and look forward to seeing you again.


The Titan Outdoor Youth Hunt was incredible. The world of hunting is filled with incredibly passionate and generous people, we see this in nearly every group that comes to the ranch. This was only reconfirmed with the Titan Outdoors Youth Hunt.​ Thank y'all so much for all your support.

FOUR ACES 06/25/15

We got to spend a week with the HECS crew and loved every minute of it. To see the HECS Stealthscreen live in action was a truly incredible experience. We filmed for four days and got some incredible footage. Look for Hunting With HECS television. Checkout the stealth screen system for yourself at www.hecsllc.com 06/19/15

After finishing up Bill's American Bison Hunt it was easy to see where Dan gets his phenomenal outdoorsman skills. What a special moment to be apart of between father and son. It is incredible to get to help create moments like this that will never be forgotten. Great Job Bill! Dan we appreciate you so much and all the support you have given us.

To sharpen your shooting skills be sure to check out the perfect target at...www.tannerite.com

What a great time at the ranch. Three generations of family gathered together to harvest some pigs, shoot some varments, and eat a beautiful pile of fresh crawfish from Houma, LA. We would love to have you and yours out for a great time, good memories, and phenomenal food!



We had such a great time with Rick. The Bison were, Like usual, being very elusive. We finally got them found and within range it was still going to be a 200 yard shot with Rick's 5.56​. Unsure if his rifle would knock a bison down with one shot. Rick asked if we would follow up his shot with the .300 win mag. We soon learned that the 5.56 will not only take down taliban terrorists with one shot but it will also drop a bison unassisted with good shot placement. Congrats on the great bull Rick, Great shot, one for the books!


Bengel Bison & Ram Chase

Kevin, Apple, & Hunter came out for the weekend and put in some hard hours to harvest these two fantastic animals. We love having the Bengel's and can't express how much we appreciate the continued support.

Sherman County Volunteer Fire Fighter Joe Blunt came and hung out with us for a couple days. Put in some miles to track this nice ram down, then even helped us do some bison tracking. Thanks a bunch Joe. Come see us anytime buddy!

Hunting & Fishing enthusiast Aaron Miller came out for a couple days and put the drop on this Four Horn Jacob. We enjoyed hunting with and getting to know Aaron.

Hope to see you again soon!!!

I just wanted to thank Caleb and Allan for the great hunting weekend.  All six of the people in our group had a marvelous time.  Everyone enjoyed the ranch lodging facilities and beautiful picturesque property.   Sitting around the camp fire at the lodge every evening was a very special time for us all talking about the days hunt and sharing and making memories.  Thanks to both Caleb and Allan’s superb guiding abilities and services each hunter was successful in getting our pigs.  The two pigs that my son and I got with our bows were very special to us because they were the first animals taken with our new BowTech bows.  Also I want to give you and Allan a very special thanks for taking care of Mike with his mobility limitations, he thoroughly enjoyed the entire hunting experience.  We all hope to be back very soon.


Malia and I had the best weekend at Four ACES Ranch! I could not have booked a better trip and had more fun on a father/ daughter weekend. The smile on her face in the pictures are a true testament of how much she enjoyed the weekend. Thank you for the hospitality and the absolutely fantastic guide in Caleb. I would certainly recommend your ranch and I hope to be back soon with my other daughter!
Thanks again!

M. Yancey

My hunting experience was excellent. My daughter was very firm on not shooting a pig even when we got to he ranch. Shantell talked to her and got her to shoot a gun. After practicing we headed out on the hunt and she shot the first pig . Shantell even took time out of her day to go on the hunt to help my daughter shoot her first animal.

Joe B

Dear Four ACES Ranch,

Thanks for the follow up to us after the hunt – that is good business!  And we had a great time!

This trip was for my grandson that is leaving for Marine corp duty, and thanks to Caleb we had a great time. I think he bonds with everyone, but he gave us 100% in attention, attitude, spotting ability and stalking to get our animals, and riding around in the jeep was an absolute kick – we probably missed some animals because we were laughing too hard, but it all worked out to be just about an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.
Many thanks, and a lifetime of memories for the both of us!

Sincerely, Rick A.

Dear Four ACES Ranch,

There are a few men in my life that I admire for their hard work and ethics and Caleb just become one of them.  He is a true asset to Four ACES Ranch and I would readily hunt with him again.  It wasn’t like I was hunting with a guide but a good friend who knew the area.  I think the only thing that overshadowed our hunt was Caleb’s family.  He even went as far as to share them with us one night, as our guests for dinner.  WHAT A TREAT!!!!  It truly rounded out an already fabulous experience.  It added that extra touch like we were family.  (I think you should put Cash on the payroll as entertainment!)  When we weren’t hunting or enjoying Caleb and his family, he was showing us around the property and its many unique places.  He even went as far as to take us arrowhead hunting.  (We were unsuccessful but it was fun, anyway.

My specific bison hunt was a heart pounding one as we stalked them three different times before we finally got close enough to take a shot.  WHAT AN EXPERIENCE THAT WAS!!!  For me, it was a hunt of a lifetime.  Maybe next time I’ll go for one of the Barbados sheep.
This was the first successful hunt for my wife and we got the whole thing on video.  She had such a big smile on her face that I wouldn’t change a thing

Please pass on our gratitude to the Johnson family for making our trip not just a hunting one but one we will cherish for a VERY long time.
With great satisfaction,

The Repps”

Chris Simmons of Sportsmans Warehouse Vancouver, WA came out to the ranch and shot this fantastic russian hybrid boar! We are so excited to announce our new colaboration with Sportman's Warehouse, Look for coupon codes and specials on our Facebook page, you can also find our brochures throughout their fabulous stores.


Where to even begin with this gift is difficult. We felt so blessed/gifted when Zeke & Tara contacted us about going hunting. Not only because they are great people and phenomenal Americans but also because they have given years of their lives to the United States Military, Specifically, the Marine Corps. This is something that we here at Four Aces feel INCREDIBLY grateful for and passionate about. The opportunity to take Zeke & Tara hunting felt like an opportunity to give back a small portion of what they have given to us. FREEDOM! We had such a great time with Zeke & Tara! We are very grateful for their bravery & dedication to protecting the freedoms we as Americans sometimes take for granted! God Bless these two GREAT people and hope to see y'all at the ranch soon! Ask about our discount program to both active/inactive military!


David Hartrick came out to the ranch with multiple tools (rifle and bow) and put them both to work. Not only taking home a great bounty of meat but a couple Trophies as well. The obvious one is David's fantastic Bison he took with his rifle was a great time. The mystery animal that David was able to take with his bow is the one that has caused bit of a stir.lol! Do you know what the mystery animal is??????
Thanks a bunch for the continued support David. We sure appreciate you. 

Thanks for the laughs and memories,